Technical issues

No good deed goes unpunished! We have a great website and that is good because the public can easily find us when they are trying to find NA information. It also attracts hackers who want to turn our site into something else. So we have installed security software on all our websites to try and prevent this from happening.

The most common error comes from using a password saved by your browser. If we don’t get in on the first try we erase the password field and type it in. The second most common error has to do with using uppercase letters in the login field when you entered lowercase letters when you registered. Many people use both uppercase and lowercase letters because certain organizations require this. Unfortunately this makes it hard to remember. Please see our other FAQ on weak passwords for how to make a secure password that’s easy to remember. A password manager is a good thing to have!

Password manager for Android OS
Apple OS downloads
Password managers for desktops

We have avoided allowing user registrations because many people use simple easy to hack passwords, but people have to register to use our store. So we simply set the system to require a strong password. Strong passwords don’t have to be hard to remember. Examples of strong passwords

  • xxxxxx-xxxxxx
  • xxxXxx-xxxx
  • xxx.xxx-xxxxxx
  • xxxxxx@xxxxxx
  • xxxxxx@year

We like the password plus the @ as you can keep your password the same and change the year part at the beginning of every year.

If your mouse cursor is in the product slider it will freeze movement. This is an intended option to stop the slider while you view something. If it still doesn’t work try refreshing your screen. Otherwise please notify us through the Contact form.

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